Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lung Cancer

Another dangerous cancer caused by amphibole exposure is carcinoma, of that there square measure 2 types: little cell carcinoma and non-small cell carcinoma. The latter is that the commonest sort, accounting for nearly eighty % of illustrious cases. The identification of carcinoma is set by the looks of cancer cells below a magnifier from a tissue sample.

Symptoms of carcinoma include:

* Coughing and pain
* Shortness of breath or problem respiration
* modification in phlegm volume or color
* Presence of blood in phlegm
* Weight loss, weariness and headaches

As with the event of carcinoma once exposure to amphibole, carcinoma symptoms seem a few years once initial exposure to the dangerous  mineral. Anyone WHO suspects they will are exposed to amphibole and square measure experiencing any symptoms of carcinoma ought to look for the recommendation of a medical MD.

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